Happy Tuesday everyone!

Before we get started, I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Sharon who complimented me for my writing and photography. Thanks Sharon! It’s comments like that that keep me motivated.

Speaking of photography, waking up early to photograph the sunrise is tough; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s rare that you lose, but when it does happen it’s almost always weather related (rain, snow, clouds, etc.). Last week I woke up before 5 AM on my day off and drove to the battlefield (side note: whenever I say “battlefield” just know I’m talking about Manassas National Battlefield Park, unless otherwise noted). I began to walk around looking for good shots, hoping to get something with a beautiful sunrise in the background. I watched the clock and the horizon in anticipation, but as the time passed nothing was happening. There was no gorgeous sunrise, only a massive cloud blocking the sun and the “golden hour” that comes with it.

Feeling discouraged, I continued to walk around and look for things to photograph anyways, trying not to let the lack of a decent sunrise ruin my time. As I walked around the sun began to break free of the massive cloud in front of it, and out came the glorious golden hour I was waiting for. Simultaneously, out came my camera as well:

Check out the bee in mid-flight!
Check out the bee in mid-flight!

If you’re up for it, I highly recommend you wake up early and watch the sunrise at least one day this week, because even when you feel like you lost and it wasn’t worth it, you may end up being surprised.


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